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Your auto technicians and collision repair specialists need on-going training to stay abreast of industry changes and the latest repair, replace and maintenance trends. Look to FVTC's industry experts and quality facilities for your next employee training initiative. Our training environment is conducive to both instructor-led and hands-on training. Our instructors work with you to customize content and delivery on a wide range of automotive-related topics. Training specialties cover the full spectrum including fuel injection systems, on-board diagnostics (OBDII), climate control systems, basic and advanced electrical systems, brakes and anti-lock brakes, drive lines and transmissions, steering and suspension systems, entertainment systems, and engine measurements and testing.

FVTC's aviation assets make the College an ideal training partner for those organizations in aviation-related enterprises. Your needs will dictate the training solution delivered with customized training available in aircraft electronics, aviation simulation and aviation maintenance.

Participants will be introduced to the basics of A/C systems, A/C recovery equipment, and A/C system diagnostics. This seminar will review EPA 609 and participants will have the opportunity to take the EPA 609 test.

Focuses on the parts identification and how it relates to the estimating process in the collision and insurance industry. Provides a good working knowledge of how to estimate and understand the different automotive systems when the automobile is involved in an accident.

Drivers may over estimate their skills and under estimate their vehicles capabilities, often resulting in crashes, injury or death. Workshop maneuvers are designed to sharpen your driving skills to prevent and reduce the severity of collisions. Our mission is to introduce driving skills needed to avoid loss of life, pain and suffering and financial expense. Workshops are conducted on a road course, designed by safety engineers, to simulate common emergency situations that test a drivers limitations and vehicles capabilities. Drivers get hands-on experience at the FVTC Wisconsin Decision Driving Center (WDDC) while training under safe, controlled conditions.

Diesel technicians with advanced diagnostic troubleshooting and analysis skills are in demand and improve productivity on the shop floor. FVTC offers a unique training experience for employers using our fleet of 50 diesel-powered tractors. Our customized training provides a unique blend of instruction and "in the shop" experiences. This training environment builds technical expertise and helps participants learn the sophisticated equipment used to diagnose and correct diesel-related problems.

Review the latest Federal Motor Carrier Safety and DOT regulations to eliminate all the guesswork. Get the information you need to work with DOT regulations.

Review the proper techniques and criteria for performing annual inspections. Learn the importance of proper vehicle maintenance and inspections and discuss what should be included in setting up a good PM program, program audits, record keeping and increased mechanic productivity.

Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) training helps municipalities improve the reliability and safety of their emergency vehicles and provides technicians with a valuable credential that reflects mastery-level skill and knowledge. Bring EVT training to your municipality or region and get the education, training and experience your technicians need for the service and repair of emergency vehicles. Training is offered through a joint FVTC/Pierce Manufacturing partnership in collaboration with the EVT Certification Commission.

Prepares the technician for the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification on the inspection, maintenance, and testing of fire apparatus.