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Designed for employees at all levels of an organization who want to professionalize their lean skills and apply them to business and service functions. The certificate provides mentor-guided training that allows participants to test what they've learned while relying on an expert to help plan workplace improvements. The certificate incorporates two hours of one-on-one involvement with a lean instructor to assist with a workplace project.

Explore lean and continuous improvement approaches that are changing government and public sector agencies by reducing waste, improving service levels, optimizing processes and delivering performance improvement. Each session focuses on tools and techniques that apply to any work process and integrate specific case studies relevant to public service organizations.

Automated manufacturing systems trainers provide training and technical assistance in a wide variety of skill sets needed to work in the automation field. A full range of topics are available including automation software, computer and power systems, programmable logic controllers, blueprint reading, motors and drives, industrial devices, equipment sensors and robotics.

Learn the fundamental principles and concepts used to interpret and read blueprints. Blueprint Reading provides an understanding of the various types of blueprints, shop prints and schematics used in an industrial environment. Discover how to comprehend and interpret the different types of standard symbols and abbreviations found on mechanical drawings, schematics and diagrams.

When cellular manufacturing is implemented, you make one product at a time immediately. This is the opposite of the mass-batch method where products are processed and set aside for assembly. Cellular training will cover the detailed, five-step process for designing and implementing work cells for either assembly or machining applications. You will participate in a live simulation to apply principles learned to gain a solid foundation.

Fundamental and advanced concepts of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) are available through FVTC's customized training and courses. Industry experts with extensive machine tool expertise can provide training to upgrade the skills of maintenance mechanics or aspiring and established machinists. Develop high-level machine operators and machinists in your industrial operation.

Teaches the requirements for practices and procedures to protect employees in general industry from the hazards of entry into permit-required confined spaces.

Our electrical skills training is designed to provide a wide variety of skill sets needed to work in the industrial and construction related fields. Customized training includes topics such as: basic electrical theory, electrical print reading, electrical power systems and troubleshooting.

Covers the requirements for fall protection and provides an overview of the latest information and technology available.

The fundamentals of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) training focuses on identification and interpretation of datums, feature control frames and tolerance size. Material condition modifiers are identified to determine a specific tolerance or tolerance range and what it means for part acceptance versus rejection.