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Real-world case studies bring AI to life, demonstrating its transformative impact across industries, encouraging participants to envision the role of AI in their respective fields and prepare them for the integration of AI into their workplaces.

Are you conducting meetings, debriefing a team assessment, solving problems with work groups or implementing lean projects? Get results by learning how to balance the process and content needed to facilitate. Fox Valley Technical College provides skilled facilitators for your next meeting, problem solving or improvement project. We also provide customized facilitation training to build employee skills and improve meeting effectiveness.

Effective learning starts with strong design. Focused training materials help you exceed your business needs and goals. Well-designed training also improves long­ term knowledge retention and comprehension. We can help you focus your content to create learning that sticks. Learn more about FVTC Learning Innovations Instructional Design Services.

Learn how to develop and conduct effective training. This multi-session format addresses: Designing Training to Achieve Results, Delivery Strategies to Engage Learners, and Assessing Training to Assure Success.

Learn the importance of developing and utilizing Training Within Industry (TWI) methodology. Explore and review job instructions in your work environment through simulated activities that highlight job development for training.

Instructs participants on how to lead a training session. Includes openers, transitions, use of visual aids and dealing with problem participants.

Learn how to develop and organize on-the-job training. This multi-session format addresses: Basics of Effective Trainers and Organizing and Documenting Training Plans. The Train-the-Trainer Coordinator series is for those who develop training materials and processes for on-the-job training.

Keep track of employee learning quickly and easily. An effective training management system frees you to focus on creating training materials and it inspires your employees to learn new skills on demand. Make learning easy to help your customers perform at the pinnacle of their industries.

This seminar offers an insightful deep-dive into the world of artificial intelligence. Participants will leave with a newfound comprehension of various AI tools and will be equipped with innovative tactics for leveraging AI in the workplace and daily lives.

Leverage short, targeted eLearning or video training courses that offer your employees the flexibility to acquire new knowledge and gain confidence on the job. eLearning and video helps to build necessary skills by allowing them to safely learn using realistic scenarios, creative animation and custom video solutions.