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Cultural awareness training and coaching is designed for professionals interested in developing an understanding of cultural differences in societies and professional practices. Customized workshops will help you acquire the skills needed to work in today's global environment. Learners compare and contrast cultural patterns and cultural biases as they pertain to work-related practices. Topics can include the impact of geography, history, religion and politics on shaping cultures, behaviors and social interactions.

Explore diversity, equity & inclusion and the related opportunities it poses within an organization.

Designed for ELL students, the focus in this course is on language development and field-centered vocabulary necessary to understand workplace terminology and employment practices. Disciplines covered are: Agriculture, Landscaping, Construction, and Manufacturing. Focuses on job topics that improve listening, speaking, reading, writing, and computer skills necessary for job success.

The FVTC Global Education & Services team provides world language training in Arabic, French, German, Hmong, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and intensive English. Training is customized and available in group setting or one-on-one to meet the needs of your busy global professionals.

Professional English offerings are designed for professionals, whose native language is not English, and wish to enhance and improve their English skills through a series of intensive professional training activities. Participants will improve their listening, speaking and presentation skills, as well as learn techniques to understand and communicate effectively with colleagues.

Accelerate your use of Spanish in workplace settings by scheduling 1 day to 18-hour basic Spanish language training for career-related fields. Topics include pronunciation, greetings, vocabulary, and common phrases and commands necessary for workplace activities. Training is available for many professionals including banking, childcare, construction, customer service, health care, human resources, law enforcement, manufacturing, real estate sales, safety, school staff and security.

FVTC's translation services meet rigorous quality, confidentiality, and timely completion standards. Our experienced translators, assisted by translation software, offer state-of-the-art translation and interpretation services in numerous languages. Benefit from timely quotes and short turn-around completion times.