Small Buiness & Entrepreneurship

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Learn how to identify and duplicate keys, service pin and disc cylinders, read key codes and how to impression keys, set up master key systems and incorporate life safety codes into lock designs.

Have you ever wondered if your business idea is feasible or your plans for expanding into new markets are viable? Work with business advisors from the FVTC Venture Center or attend one of our complimentary 'explore' sessions to learn what type of assistance and support is available. Services are tailored to business startups and existing ventures exploring new business models.

Gain an understanding of business planning tools needed to have a successful small business. E-seed™ is an entrepreneurship training series that assists startup, early-stage entrepreneurs and experienced small business owners develop management and planning tools for their ventures. The 13-week series reinforces concepts to assist business owners develop strategies needed to take your business to the next level. This entrepreneurship training series helps you discover the art of small business and entrepreneurship. Along the way you'll network with business experts and thought leaders who provide insight into legal, management, accounting, financing and marketing issues. This training for new and established small business owners will provide hands-on sessions offering practical tools and information that can be applied immediately to launch and/or improve your business.

Learn how to research, start-up and promote your business in a niche market. The FVTC Venture Center has developed several specialized services for entrepreneurs that have identified a gap in the market or want to put a local twist on a national business trend. Entrepreneurs and small business owners will gain the knowledge and tools to help them be successful. Explore current seminars in select specialized markets or contact us to design a specialized format.

The FVTC Venture Center and its many business partners meets your needs by providing a practical, hands-on, common sense approach to your small business - whether just starting out or ready to grow. We offer one-on-one small business services in common areas of interest and have a resource network of partners to address specialized needs. Request a consultation and start planning how you will take your enterprise to the next level.

Success in today's business environment requires innovation and speed to market. Entrepreneurs in all sectors are combining their business savvy with creativity to swiftly and successfully enter and compete in the marketplace. The Venture Center's team of entrepreneurs turned intrapreneurs are committed to creating a customized approach to improve your company's intraprenuerial spirit and business results. Contact the FVTC Venture Center today to learn more about intrapreneurship training options and approaches.

Assists start-up and early stage entrepreneurs in developing management tools for new business ventures.

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a trusted mentor and guide. Partner with FVTC Venture Center entrepreneurship educators to develop entrepreneur and small business programming for your community. Learn how to launch business planning services in your college, organization or region using the proven E-seed™ entrepreneurship training series that has been successfully implemented and replicated across the country. Benefit from the E-seed Co-Creation Train-the-Trainer Model to bring E-seed™ to your organization and start mentoring and guiding local entrepreneurs.

Explores key factors in starting and growing a business. Begin to determine if you have a feasible idea and learn about critical questions to consider and additional entrepreneurship training opportunities.

Learn the principles and concepts of using financial statements. Discuss basic accounting principles and how these principles affect financial statements.