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Real-world case studies bring AI to life, demonstrating its transformative impact across industries, encouraging participants to envision the role of AI in their respective fields and prepare them for the integration of AI into their workplaces.

In this seminar, business professionals will explore how to navigate social settings to maximize relationship building and represent their brand and organization in the best possible way.

To get the most impact from your employees, consider Fox Valley Technical College and its range of customized training and seminars in the area of call, contact and customer care center skills. Three proven training approaches recommended by employers are Critical Core Skills for a High Performance Workplace, Call Center Customer Service Repair/Troubleshooting Focus and Call Center Customer Service Sales Focus.

Focus on understanding how one's attitude and communication affects people. Participants will work to understand the factors involved in identifying attitudes and developing communication techniques to improve attitudes and responses. Role-play and real-life work situations will be used.

In this session we will cover CSS Flexbox basics. This will include learning Flexbox terminology, applying Flexbox properties and values and creating a page that is responsive. We will also use browser developer tools to help understand and troubleshoot the Flexbox code.

Focus on how to build strong customer relationships to grow your sales, generate repeat business and referrals, and build long-term, loyal customers.

Learn on-the-go sketching techniques designed to strengthen communication with clients, contractors, and suppliers in this seminar. Interior designers use sketches to provide another method of communicating and sharing ideas with others. When your ideas are understood, trust is gained, which allows creative freedom and flexibility.

The service industry is projected as a growth sector for years to come; however, competition will continue to threaten food service, leisure, tourism and hospitality businesses that don't invest in training. Fox Valley Technical College provides courses and customized training in areas including lodging, food and beverage, meeting planning, tourism and recreation.

HTML & CSS Fundamentals will cover coding the content of a web page using HTML and styling the page using CSS.  It will include looking at editors one can use, code structure, code validation and tips on troubleshooting the code using the browser's developer tools.

Solidify your value proposition and align products/services with meeting customers' needs, wants or jobs to be done. Identify current and potential customer segments, and learn to identify customers based on the 80/20 Principle to your marketing resources while driving sales and profits. Explore and develop your marketing channels and create customer service strategies.