Corporate Security

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Learn how to identify and duplicate keys, service pin and disc cylinders, read key codes and how to impression keys, set up master key systems and incorporate life safety codes into lock designs.

Our team of industry experts can create training to help make your business less vulnerable to security threats. Business owners need to be proactive by identifying security weaknesses then strengthening resources and educating employees. Featured threat reduction training includes: -Crisis Intervention Teams for Business -CyberCrime/Data Security -Emergency/Crisis Communication Planning -Investigative Interviewing for Human Resources -Robbery Prevention

Cybersecurity is an essential business skill for the evolving workplace. Upon completion, you'll have a better understanding of next steps in the battle against cybercrime.

The importance of preparation and prevention has never been greater with increasing threats in all facets of our society from active threat events, terrorist attacks, and even industrial accidents. Implement security and safety training to keep your employees, investments and business safe. Many timely and popular topics are available to improve employee safety and corporate security including: Active Shooter in the Workplace with Live Drill, Business and Personal ID Theft and Fraud Awareness, Corporate SWAT Team Building, Dealing with Difficult Behaviors, Industry Specific Self-Defense, Internet and Mobile Device Safety Practices, Managing Team Members Complaints, Security Measures for Employees Handling Cash, and Travel and Transportation Safety Awareness

Effective physical security starts with a clear understanding of your facility's vulnerabilities. Businesses must look at security from every angle including physical entrances/exits, security policies/procedures, past incidents, employee insights, and then develop action plans to mitigate threats and protect their assets. Training to identify facility strengths and weaknesses include: Basic Locksmith, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), Incident Command, and Physical Assessments for Facilities.

Take a deep dive into writing an incident response plan and leave with a rough draft start and consulting resources.