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Customized training and technical assistance services are available for organizations interested in developing the computer programming skills of employees. Training is available for those who seek hands-on experience in Agile Development, Mobile Development (iOS & Android) Web Development (PHP, jQuery & Angular) and the .NET stack (C#, C++, TFS, Azure and SQL Server).

Customized training and technical assistance services are available for organizations interested in configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting a variety of network equipment. Training is available for managing a single local area network or a complex telecommunication wide area network environment. Training also is available for configuring, installing and troubleshooting network operating systems and applications in single, multi-platform and virtualized environments.

Cybersecurity is an essential business skill for the evolving workplace. Upon completion, you'll have a better understanding of next steps in the battle against cybercrime.

Learn the alphabetic keyboard and expand to alphanumeric keys as well as applying these skills to word processing and other workplace applications. Keyboarding training can be customized to provide basic skills for the new PC user or speed development for those with beginning keyboarding skills.

Discover how to create macros while using the more advanced features of Microsoft Excel.

Discover how to create, format and modify charts with a focus on displaying the data you want.

Explore the functions available in Microsoft Excel and learn how to create formulas to enhance your worksheets.

Discover how to use Microsoft Excel for everyday tasks. Learn how to manage, edit and print data within a spreadsheet.

Streamline and enhance your spreadsheets by creating advanced formulas and organizing your data into tables. In addition, discover the power of PivotTables and PivotCharts.

Extend your knowledge of Microsoft Excel and learn about automating common tasks, conditional formatting, advanced data analysis, collaboration on workbooks with other users and protecting workbooks and their content.