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Learn the concepts of sort, set in order, scrub, standardize, and sustain with a focus on safety. Gain an understanding of how 5S and 6S principles can improve effectiveness through simple organizational strategies. The accelerated training reinforces concepts with hands-on application customized to your specific workplace.

Provides the skills to effectively stand up for yourself. Learn to express your feelings, preferences and views, while at the same time respecting the opinions and rights of others. Leave the training with effective speaking and active listening skills that enable you to achieve your goals.

Explore the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and take a deeper dive to apply the concepts of personality types. Learn about your personality and how to work with others, while reducing stress using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Be introduced to what Agile Project Management is and how it works to make a project more likely to succeed with a positive customer experience.

Real-world case studies bring AI to life, demonstrating its transformative impact across industries, encouraging participants to envision the role of AI in their respective fields and prepare them for the integration of AI into their workplaces.

Customized training and technical assistance services are available for organizations interested in developing the computer programming skills of employees. Training is available for those who seek hands-on experience in Agile Development, Mobile Development (iOS & Android) Web Development (PHP, jQuery & Angular) and the .NET stack (C#, C++, TFS, Azure and SQL Server).

Apply process mapping to a workplace system to address problems and waste. Learn how process mapping is used as an essential tool in any business improvement activity. Explore how the visualization of a process can lead to a better-performing, simplified process.

Designed for employees at all levels of an organization who want to professionalize their lean skills and apply them to business and service functions. The certificate provides mentor-guided training that allows participants to test what they've learned while relying on an expert to help plan workplace improvements. The certificate incorporates two hours of one-on-one involvement with a lean instructor to assist with a workplace project.

Explore lean and continuous improvement approaches that are changing government and public sector agencies by reducing waste, improving service levels, optimizing processes and delivering performance improvement. Each session focuses on tools and techniques that apply to any work process and integrate specific case studies relevant to public service organizations.

Your auto technicians and collision repair specialists need on-going training to stay abreast of industry changes and the latest repair, replace and maintenance trends. Look to FVTC's industry experts and quality facilities for your next employee training initiative. Our training environment is conducive to both instructor-led and hands-on training. Our instructors work with you to customize content and delivery on a wide range of automotive-related topics. Training specialties cover the full spectrum including fuel injection systems, on-board diagnostics (OBDII), climate control systems, basic and advanced electrical systems, brakes and anti-lock brakes, drive lines and transmissions, steering and suspension systems, entertainment systems, and engine measurements and testing.