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Explore the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and take a deeper dive to apply the concepts of personality types. Learn about your personality and how to work with others, while reducing stress using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Be introduced to what Agile Project Management is and how it works to make a project more likely to succeed with a positive customer experience.

Invest in the informal leaders in your organization - those who hold no formal title, but that people listen and respond to. This seminar will give the informal leaders hands-on skills to influence and coach others effectively. Develop and implement a personalized action plan to apply immediately in the workplace.

Focuses on specific strategies to use immediately to build trust with those you need to influence. An optional 360 degree assessment provides feedback to identify leadership strengths and areas for improvement.

Focuses on advanced managerial communication skills so you can give negative feedback constructively and coach to empower others.

Explore how to implement successful communication strategies, establish expectations, foster workplace relationships and deal with non-collaborative behaviors.

Learn tools and approaches to apply critical and creative thinking to projects, processes and problem solving.

In this seminar, explore emotional intelligence, best practices and develop personalized action plans to further enhance these abilities and traits.

Demonstrates how to improve your leadership effectiveness by understanding yourself and the impact of your leadership style. Assess your personal style and develop a personalized plan to become a more effective leader.

Explore diversity, equity & inclusion and the related opportunities it poses within an organization.